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As an independent broker/dealer, we provide insights on topics applicable to the financial industry. Take a moment to explore our latest articles relevant to today's financial representative.

  • 9 LinkedIn Tips for the Social Media Hater – If you're reluctant to use social media in your business, we offer 9 tips to get you started with LinkedIn. Learn how to reach more prospects and connect with your current clients with this effective social media platform.
  • Mastering Employee Retention – Good help may be hard to find. Once you find a valued employee are you taking the right steps to retain them? We provide some quick strategies to engage your employees and build their strengths.
  • Bringing an Intern into Your Business – Long gone are the days where an intern just opened mail and managed coffee runs. Today's interns are poised to bring new innovations, knowledge and perspectives to any business setting. If provided the right environment, an intern can lead short-term projects and add productivity to a financial firm. With so many positives, why are many independent financial advisors apprehensive to bring in an intern to their practice? Learn the steps you need to take and when contemplating internship opportunities with your firm.
  • Legacy Planning: Planning for More Than a Money Transfer – Independent financial advisors are able to facilitate a non-bias conversation regarding a client's legacy plan. In contrast to estate planning, legacy planning incorporates more than just a client's assets. A legacy plan outlines financial goals, values and initiatives a client wishes to pass on to following generations. This whitepaper from SII outlines important questions for and how to approach legacy planning discussions with financial clients.
  • Describing the Broker/Dealer Relationship to Clients – Independent financial advisors play a key role in explaining who has access to a client's financial information. Being able to articulate the role of an independent broker/dealer helps client's understand its importance to the financial industry and explains how the broker/dealer will interact with them. This whitepaper details the independent broker/dealer relationship and why it is important to discuss it with your clients.
  • Changing Broker/Dealers: What to Consider – Your broker/dealer is a critical component of your practice. Learn what to consider if you're making a move.
  • Igniting the Flame: Avoiding Job Burnout – Learn simple tips to keep you engaged and motivated in your daily work.