Services for our Independent Registered Financial Representatives

At SII, we expect a lot out of our independent registered financial representatives; we're also fully committed to supporting their efforts. We know and understand the importance of their work, which is why we offer numerous services and solutions to make their jobs more efficient. Below are a variety of services offered by our independent broker/dealer to help our registered representatives and their businesses.

Education and Training - We understand the importance of having individuals that are educated, qualified, and dependable. To ensure this is commonplace across our company, SII provides training and enrichment programs for registered representatives and their support staff.

  • SII University - Online training sessions and workshops designed to better educate representatives on their areas of interest and expertise.
  • Administrative Assistant Workshop - A workshop for those new to SII, this event is traditionally held near our home office in Appleton, WI and provides insights on the latest trends in office efficiency.
  • SHARE Council - Assistants join senior SII management to exchange ideas and enhance the relationships between our broker/dealer and its advisors.
  • Face-to-Face Compliance Sessions - We provide various opportunities to ensure our financial representatives know the latest changes in the industry.
  • And many more educational opportunities.

Tech Solutions - Our investment professionals depend on technology to stay up to date with the latest trends in the financial industry. That's why SII offers a plethora of online tools to assist in making our representatives' jobs more efficient and beneficial to their clients. This technology includes an application to automate the more administrative aspects of their job, as well as a comprehensive advisor dashboard designed to revolutionize the day-to-day activities of our independent advisors. Learn more about the various technology solutions.

Financial Advisory Support - At our independent broker/dealer, our advisory services team supports registered representatives through in-house and webcast advisory sessions. In addition, we help our financial advisors build revenue for their practice and increase the value of their services by managing their assets. Below are a few of the tools that we use to assist our registered representatives with investment management:

  • WealthONE Advisor Solutions - This online platform provides technology, tools, and efficient solutions to SII's registered representatives acting as asset managers.
  • WealthONE Strategist Solutions - Get access to the most well-respected investment management strategists in the world with this platform, which is available to SII's financial advisors.

Practice Management Services and Discounts - We get it: practice management services can be expensive. By partnering with SII, our registered representatives get access to a variety of discounted a la carte offerings to help their business thrive. Our broker/dealer has established relationships with many different online services to help lower costs and meet our financial advisors' unique needs. Below are just a handful of our offerings:

As you can see, SII supports our registered representatives in many different ways. To learn more about how our independent broker/dealer can benefit you and your business, please contact us.