Financial Investment Planning - Empty Nest

Being on your own again is cause for rethinking financial priorities. Since you no longer have dependents, you may now be able to afford to travel. Since you need less living space, you may be considering downsizing your home. The accumulation of additional assets is still important at this stage, but now the main priority is to start preserving existing wealth and planning for retirement.

Financial Investments - Where should you be as an empty nester?

The financial planning chart below is only a general representation of the asset allocation for empty nesters.

Empty Nesters Sample Portfolio Asset Allocation

Allocation Chart

This financial allocation chart is to be used for illustrative purposes only. Each investor has unique needs in regard to his/her objective, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Please read our Investment FAQs for Empty Nesters to get answers on commonly asked questions regarding preparing for retirement. Investors should always seek guidance from a qualified financial professional before implementing any investment program.