Financial Investment Planning - Retiree

Realizing a secure retirement doesn't happen by accident. For most of us it takes a tremendous amount of planning and preparation. You worked hard most of your life, and you've earned the right to enjoy yourself. Estate planning may be a major priority, as well as living off the assets and principal you have accumulated from your investments.

Financial Investments - Where should you be as a retiree?

The financial planning chart below is only a general representation of the asset allocation for retirees.

Retirees Sample Portfolio Asset Allocation

Allocation Chart

This financial allocation is to be used for illustrative purposes only. Each investor has unique needs in regard to his/her retirement objective, time horizon, and risk tolerance. As a retiree looking to continue to invest, you'll likely have questions; have some of those answered by reading our Investment FAQs for Retirees. Investors should always seek professional guidance from a qualified financial advisor before implementing any investment program.