Tips for Engaging Your Financial Clients

Trust, dependability and dedication are at the foundation of every successful financial advisory relationship, and developing those qualities is at top of mind for our registered representatives. Engaging with your financial clients allows you to facilitate and develop your relationships, to create stronger, more beneficial relationships. As an independent broker dealer, SII Investments is committed to supporting our financial representatives in developing strong, effective client relationships. Our expertise in technology, practice management, advisory and industry insights create the perfect framework for your business. Here are some additional tips to help you engage with your investment clients and improve your business.

Utilize Consultation Services

Before creating an investment plan, getting to know your clients is important. Beyond general financial services, SII Investments offers College Planning, Cash Flow Analysis, Estate Planning and Retirement Planning services. As a financial advisor, it's imperative that you understand not only the financial goals your clients are bringing to you, but also the opportunities they haven't yet thought of. Parents of toddlers may be more focused on saving for their children's education, as their financial advisor, it's important that you also bring up their Retirement Planning needs. Look beyond the problems at hand to better help them plan for the bigger picture. Learn more about the Advisory Services Team including our in-house and webcast training to get started.

Work with Third Party Asset Managers (TPAMS)

Qualitative and quantitative analysis is incredibly important during the strategic phase, especially for affluent clients. Our Third Party Asset Managers (TPAMS) give solutions specifically for financial asset gatherers. If your clients are looking for highly customized investment portfolios, TPAMS can be a beneficial option to engage with clients and do better business.

Use Social Media

Over 80% of financial advisors use Social Media for business purposes, the majority of consumers today look to Social Media for updates and insight from the professionals and brands they trust. SII Investments is on Facebook and LinkedIn, and these channels, along with Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram can be valuable communication channels for you to share news, insight and ideas with your financial clients. SII provides training, best practices, privacy information and compliance monitoring for advisors interested in using Social Media for their businesses.

Update your Office Technology

With so many gadgets available today, finding the right fit for your clients can be a challenge. From PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones, consider your clients' communication preferences when reaching out. Updating your office's technology may seem like a hassle in the short term, but can pay off significantly in developing better relationships and stronger communication with your clients.

Employ Consulting and Financial Planning Tools

Engage with your clients by using tools compiled by SII Investments from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Using collaborative tools with client facing portals allows you to provide your expertise while developing trust and starting conversations based on their use of the data. These tools can help you assist clients in charting their financial future:

Along with our tools and services, you'll find the supportive SII Investments team ready to answer any questions and give advice for complex portfolios or client situations. Learn more about our support programs or contact us today.