5 Tips for New Financial Advisors

As a new financial advisor, you are brimming with potential and fresh ideas to jumpstart your career. To ensure you’re taking the right steps to set up a future for success, check out these five smart tips:

#1 - Connect with a Mentor

Some things are difficult to learn in a textbook or on the job, and a mentor can help tremendously. Connect with an experienced financial advisor who is in a position where you would like to see yourself in 5-10 years. They can provide advice, insight, resources and connections to help you grow and accelerate your career path.

#2 - Keep an Open Mind

According to Financial Advisor Magazine, 43 percent of financial advisors are over the age of 55 with the average age at around 50.9. Many of these professionals have been in the field for decades, and may tend to stick to similar, tried-and-true methods and techniques. As a new financial advisor, you have the opportunity to start fresh and keep an open mind about different philosophies and strategies. Don’t be afraid to take a closer look at other advisors who are finding success with less traditional ideas.

#3 - Continue Learning

Investing in yourself is just as important as helping others invest in their financial future. If you have opportunities to pursue more education, grow professionally or join a network, take advantage of them. Not only will you be improving your skillset and value within your profession, but you’ll also make connections that can benefit you personally and professionally.

#4 - Be Unique

As an advisor, you are constantly interacting with investment clients and giving suggestions based on your expertise. Being confident and allowing your personality to shine through can be a huge benefit for relationship management. When people recognize your authenticity and creativity, they set you apart from other cookie-cutter financial professionals.

#5 - Be Humble

Hopefully your experience as a new advisor has been or will be rewarding with much success. However, despite your accomplishments, it is important to always remain humble. No advisor is perfect, and being aware of your imperfections allows you to take steps for constant improvement. Never assume you know everything and maintain an approachable attitude at all times.

Pursuing excellence as a financial advisor is a lifelong journey, something that SII Investments understands and supports. Learn more about how our people make the difference and how our standards drive us forward.