Working with an SII Financial Advisor

Service, innovation and integrity are the cornerstones of SII Investments, an independent broker dealer, and we rely on these initiatives to drive the success of our advisor/client interactions.

As an investment client, SII's dedicated independent financial advisors will provide you with valuable guidance to navigate today's complex economic environment. Our financial advisors turn concern into confidence by working side by side with you to make decisions that are best for your future.

What will an SII financial advisor do for you?

  • Thoroughly introduce themselves and their background
  • Dedicate time to learn about you and financial goals
  • Develop a deep-rooted relationship that instills trust and confidence
  • Focus on your long and short-term goals, priorities and upcoming life events
  • Cultivate an action plan to achieve your investment goals and maximize returns
  • Serve as an ongoing resource for questions or concerns
Why choose an SII advisor?

The independent financial advisors working through our brokerage firm take time and consideration to focus on you, the client, by delving into significant issues such as your vision, goals and objectives. Additionally, we will take the time to ask important questions: How's your health? Are you married? Do you have children? Do you have debt? Do you have insurance? Do you have a retirement plan established? Do you anticipate any major purchases in the near future? The answers to these questions will help your investment advisor understand your current and forthcoming financial state.

Our investment brokers put your mind at ease knowing that financial decisions are compliant and appropriate for you. As a client working through SII, you will have the security of full regulatory protections by the Financial Industry Authority and the Securities Exchange Commission. With the resources to protect your investments, our financial advisors can help you easily convert your vision into reality.

Maintaining a strong, ongoing relationship with clients is a keystone of SII's advisors. This means that we will reach out to you to make sure your original investment strategies are still best suited for you. We will also watch when the markets are down, when the markets are up and offer professional recommendations.

Whether you're considering investments at an early or late point in life, SII's educated and dedicated financial advisors will use time to your benefit by developing strategies to create maximum investment performance. To learn more about the financial advisors of SII Investments contact us through our online form or by calling (920) 225-7487.