Employee Education Opportunities and Well-Being

Education Opportunities

At SII Investments, when we invest in our associate's education and training, we both grow. Our internal and external education opportunities are designed to propel our employees forward in their careers and provide SII with a performance-driven workforce. We support associate growth, development and empowerment by providing innovative, high-quality workplace learning programs, resources and services. New associates receive a training plan to best prepare them for their new role with SII. All associates have yearly training requirements, which are designed to keep them on the cutting edge of our industry.

Through our affiliation with Jackson, associates can access Jackson University, a gateway to learning resources for skills improvement, professional development, performance support and more. Associates can enroll in concentrations or browse the extensive library for targeted training. Outside the office, we support associates who pursue higher education by offering credit hour reimbursement for qualifying undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Because SII is a family focused organization, we also offer support when an associate's child goes off to college. We help them with a portion of the tuition costs at a qualified technical or undergraduate program.

Employee Well Being

SII Investments is committed to providing an environment geared toward positive well-being. In addition to personal time off and access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we provide associates with programs and resources for a healthy lifestyle.

Within our buildings, associates have access to filtered water stations and antibacterial products. We believe preventative measures keep germs from spreading and can help with overall office wellness. In addition, we provide an annual flu shot clinic and bio-metrics assessment.

Many associates utilize their 60 minute lunch breaks to squeeze in a walk or other types of exercise around the SII grounds. Through the SII Stay Healthy Program, associates can receive a $50 reimbursement each year for qualified health education, licensed weight loss programs or physical fitness programs. Jackson provides opportunities for fitness challenges and participation in fitness events within our communities.