WealthONE® Wealth Management Platform

One platform. Multiple solutions. Fully integrated.

The future of the financial services industry is advisory, and with the WealthONE wealth management platform, you’ll be prepared to meet your clients’ needs and tomorrow’s regulatory requirements, head on.
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Flexible Wealth Management Solutions

Clients have a wide range of investment needs, and WealthONE is designed to deliver. It’s the only wealth management platform that allows you to act as portfolio manager and leverage carefully selected, world-class money managers, or combine one or more options with guaranteed sources of income, all in one place.

  • Strategist Solutions - Access world-class asset managers, choosing from strategic, tactical, active, and passive investment options from American Funds®, BlackRock®, Lazard®, Vanguard®, and others. Merged with a fully integrated risk profile and comprehensive strategist research, Strategist Solutions is the platform for first-rate money management.
  • Advisor Solutions - Use a suite of tools to create and maintain model portfolios, build proposals, and track existing prospects and clients. Advisor Solutions offers straight-through trading and rebalancing, allowing for quick and efficient implementation of portfolio changes.
  • Guaranteed Income Solutions - Gain access to a variety of no-load, low M&E annuity products that may include the ability to guarantee an income stream. This option provides tax-deferred growth and a wide range of professionally managed underlying investment options with the potential to reduce income risk.

Integrated, Best-in-Class Technology

WealthONE is the only advisory platform that talks to your back office through the Advisor Dashboard interface to give you a clear picture of your clients’ financial health. It connects to your business infrastructure – your CRM, clearing firm, and Electronic Order Entry system – making interactions seamless.

Superior Advisory Support

Introducing the WealthONE® Advisory Team

Wherever you are, we have a dedicated WealthONE advisory team member in your area ready to assist you on the phone or on site. Rely on this team to help you:

  • Segment your clients
  • Standardize your service model
  • Identify practice growth opportunities
  • Train your staff on products and solutions
  • And much more...

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