Financial Consulting Services from SII Investments

Financial Consulting Services: For clients seeking financial advice involving analysis of a particular investment or financial situation, SII provides consultation services designed to meet the client's specific financial objectives and needs. The consulting services generally take the form of a financial plan. In addition to general financial planning, consulting services may include, but are not necessarily limited to, such "sector" financial planning arrangements as Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, College Planning, Cash Flow Analysis, or Analysis with regard to investment of lump sum distributions from employer pension and profit sharing plans.

Global economy, financial reform, and complex investment options require the wisdom and expertise of a seasoned financial investment professional. Offer clients support with financial planning, on-going advice, or specialty services for a flat fee or hourly rate.

Advisory Training and Support: The Advisory Services Team supports training via in-house and webcast platforms to introduce available tools and partnerships. These advisory sessions are designed to accentuate awareness, maximize utilization, and minimize processing delays.