Paragon Business Growth for Financial Advisors – SII Practice Management Services

The Paragon Mentoring Program is designed to enhance the practices, productivity and life of SII Representatives. The 28-month commitment to practice management combines individual mentoring and strategic marketing to increase gross production. Jerry and Madeleine Bernard of Uncommon Wisdom, Inc. are dedicated to providing expertise resulting from their combined industry experience, resulting in a collective average of 49% annualized GDC growth among Paragon members.

The Paragon practice management program includes:
  • Personal On-Site Visits: Mentors travel to your office location during the first sixteen months of the Paragon program to provide one-on-one mentoring and assist with individual practice management goals.
  • Conference Calls: Conference calls are held each month to facilitate communication between peers within the group. Members also have individual access to mentors to bounce ideas, check progress and solicit input.
  • Meetings: Special networking events and meetings allow members to build a strong fellowship and exchange strategies. Group discussions focus on topics ranging from building value into your financial practice, to exploring insurance opportunities and retirement management systems.
  • Marketing: Paragon members receive exclusive access to Platinum Advisor Strategies, LLC to develop an in-depth marketing plan and budget, client communication strategies, and prospecting techniques.

Mentors work closely with each individual Representative to determine their personal goals and set in motion the necessary steps to achieve increased production. For more information on the practice management services provided by SII Investments, please contact us today.