Training Services from SII Investments

We believe that our brokerage firm employs the most dependable and qualified service professionals around and, more importantly, our registered representatives agree. Training and enrichment programs help keep our employees on the cutting-edge of customer service.

SII also provides training and enrichment programs for registered representatives and their support staff, including:

Top Producer Conference
Learn, grow and network with top SII representatives at a relaxing, exclusive location. Invitation to this event is based on annual Gross Dealer Concession (GDC) qualification.
President’s Advisory Council
Join SII Investment’s senior management and an elite group of SII representatives for quarterly conference calls and an annual face-to-face ideas exchange. Council members are chosen for their innovative thinking, outspoken advocacy and unique client offerings.
National Conference
Fulfill annual compliance requirements while networking with peers and product sponsors. All SII representatives are encouraged to attend.
Administrative Assistant Workshop
This workshop, for those new to SII Investments and those interested in the latest trends in office efficiency, is traditionally held near the SII home office in Appleton, WI. Both assistants and representatives are welcome to participate.
SHARE Council
SHARE stands for SII Hears And Remains Engaged. Assistants have the opportunity to join SII senior management and other select assistants for monthly conference calls and annual face-to-face idea exchanges on operational, procedural, and tactical items. The goal is to further enhance SII's Broker/Dealer relationship with its advisors and bring greater efficiency to the way we interact.
Network-Wide Events
SII representatives are invited to attend events held in conjunction with our sister broker/dealers in the National Planning Holdings (NPH) network. These meetings focus on key topics like wealth management, investment advisory and practice management.
SII University
SII offers Web Ex sessions tailored to professional roles (assistant, representative and supervisor), allowing participants to train from the comfort of their own offices.