Changing Broker/Dealers – Technology

SII Investments, Inc. launches the Award Winning Advisor Dashboard – SII is proud to launch a comprehensive service tool designed to give advisors multiple viewpoints of their business. Through real-time data, our independent advisors can view their business by client segment, product type, commission type and more. With our consolidated statement tool, advisors can guide their investors through their portfolio and make more informed financial decisions.

We believe investing in forward-thinking technology, like Advisor Dashboard, positions our advisors for greater returns and happier clients. To learn more about affiliating with SII Investments, please call (877) 342-5744.

Electronic Order Entry (EOE) – Our innovative EOE application automates the administrative aspects of your practice. Electronic blotters, real-time compliance checks, live account tracking, and revolutionary eSignature, eTransmission, eFile and FundSERV capabilities save you precious time and money.

  • eSignature – Attach an electronic signature pad (ePad) to your computer so clients can electronically sign multiple account applications and disclosures all at once.
  • eTransmission – Electronically submit required documents for approval, including variable annuity purchases requiring pre-approval.
  • eFile – Archive copies of electronically signed (eSigned) forms and eliminate the need to store hard copies of your client’s financial and personal information in-house or offsite.
  • FundSERV – Create new direct mutual fund accounts, add to existing accounts or perform exchanges without the need of a vendor application or check – providing a paper free solution!

WealthONE® Platform – WealthONE® is a powerful blend of state-of-the-art technology, trusted resources and user-friendly tools developed to help you effectively address your clients’ investment needs.

Wealth One Advisor Solutions Wealth One Strategist Solutions Wealth One Custom Portfolio
An online institutional money management platform providing timesaving technology, integrated efficiencies and intelligent tools for financial advisors who act as asset managers. This investment management platform provides unprecedented access to carefully chosen World-Class Strategic and Tactical mutual fund and ETF strategists from the most well-respected asset management firms around the globe. Separately managed accounts providing clients with a high level of portfolio customization, access to institutional-quality money managers, and year-round tax harvesting - all for a low minimum investment.

LaserApp Software® – Seamlessly integrates with Electronic Order Entry to pre-populate vendor forms and reduce redundant data entry.

Online Commission Center – View commissions 24/7 with our Interactive Commission Statement (ICS) and calendar. Request to be paid outside the bimonthly pay dates via our Commission Express service.

Email – Free email accounts for your entire financial consulting office. SII also satisfies the supervision of all emails. – Access the latest products, tools, service offerings and industry resources via our website.