Technology Solutions Team

Get comprehensive support from a team of technology experts.

At SII Investments, you get the most out of your technology platforms with the help of NPH's dedicated Technology Solutions Team. It's more than just technical support, the team helps advisors leverage NPH technology tools to make strategic business decisions and client recommendations. You get personal, in-office training and assistance from our regionalized External Technology Specialists or access our Internal Technology Specialists for over-the-phone support.

As the first broker-dealer network to offer a dedicated strategic technology team, we encourage the use of this resource across the entire NPH network of broker-dealers, so all advisors can better use technology, including our award-winning Advisor Dashboard platform, to grow your business and serve your clients.

Better Serve Clients

  • Review assets by metrics such as client, automated household, and custom household
  • Create consolidated statements on demand or by an automation generation schedule
  • Sort clients by holdings, profitability, age, or by custom-created segments
  • Boost efficiency with e-sign and e-delivery
  • View holdings details such as benefit values, exchange dates, withdrawals, additions and fees

Monitor Business Profitability

  • Track AUM and production goals
  • Track key business indicators by household, product sponsor, age, revenue and more
  • Navigate trends by identifying revenue fluctuations
  • Identify investable assets

Maximize Time

  • Use less paper and reduce "not in good order" rejections with guided form completion
  • Integrate Redtail and Laser App with the NPH Electronic Order Entry system
  • Get all the info you need in one place with centralized sponsor data
  • Reduce redundancy with single sign-on
  • Streamline your workflow with quicker signature options and efficient trade entry

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