Changing Broker/Dealers – Business Transitions through SII Investments

As an independent broker/dealer, our team of experts has many years of experience helping registered representatives as they are changing broker/dealers and transitioning their businesses to SII. The SII Transition Team will work closely with you every step of the way as you navigate the process of changing broker/dealers, to manage the details of your affiliation, including:

  • Counseling you on how to prepare your financial practice for conversion.
  • Providing a plan of action, complete with an in depth timeline and checklist of items you’ll accomplish as you change broker/dealers.
  • Ensuring efficient account transfers by working with your current broker/dealer, clearing firm and product companies.
  • Coordinating the moving of your licenses to coincide closely with the transfer of your investment accounts.
  • Auditing your paperwork for accuracy to promote prompt processing and turnaround.
  • Offering complimentary, compliance-approved client brochures explaining your new relationship with SII Investments.
  • Obtaining approval of your new business cards, stationery, letters and other client materials.

Changing broker/dealers is an important decision. Our transition process is proven to help you enjoy a seamless shift with minimal impact to your financial business. Take comfort you've found the right fit with our independent broker/dealer, SII Investments, Inc.

Business Transition Timeline

30 Days Prior to Transfer 14 Days Prior to Transfer Day of Transfer 14 Days After Transfer 30 Days After Transfer
Receive guidance on proper form completion Confirm date of transition Change voicemail to reference SII    
Establish workflow schedule and timetable for transition Complete and submit appointment forms Change email disclosures to reflect SII    
Complete and submit step-by-step Transition Kit Prepare resignation letter to current B/D (Sample letters provided in Transition Kit) Assist transfer of securities and insurance appointments    
Prepare client and account lists Submit resignation to current B/D and notify SII    
Coordination with current clearing firm and product companies to ensure efficiency Support and coordinate approval of business cards, stationary, and marketing materials for transition Update website with required changes or disable until approval received by Advertising Schedule thorough EOE demonstration with our experts to train office staff  
If applicable, prepare mutual fund and annuity block transfer letters and process SII educates your team regarding SII procedures, compliance practices, trading operations and technology Meetings with clients to complete paperwork
Sales Supervision & Brokerage staff provide overview of business process Compliance-approved brochures provided to explain your relationship with SII to clients and staff
Introduction to available online services and integrated technology platforms
Prepare client transition paperwork
Address outstanding issues or concerns
Continued support throughout duration