Brokerage Firm Financial Technology Setup – Changing Broker/Dealers

When you're considering changing broker/dealers, your technology and digital security are a top priority. As an experienced independent broker/dealer, SII ensures technology is addressed immediately as you begin your transition. Not only do we promise to transition your practice without interrupting your current level of technology, we offer the guidance and expertise to enhance the efficiency of your office.

Upon your affiliation with independent broker/dealer, SII, we provide instruction and training information for:

  • Securing mobile devices
  • Sending secure email
  • Approved devices and security settings
  • Recommended vendors for installing firewalls, encryption, anti-virus/anti-spyware, mobile device central management, secure data wiping, fax services, dictation, remote access, online backup providers, and other vendor listings.
  • Avoiding cyber, phishing and tax season scams.
  • Creating & managing strong passwords
  • Impact of a data breach

For more information on the financial technology and security services offered by SII Investments, please contact us today.